The Importance of Computer Science for Kids


The Importance of Computer Science for Kids

Have you found yourself struggling to help your little learner through their online classes this year? If so, you’re not alone! For many parents, virtual classes have been exhausting. Not only are our youngest kids trying to learn to read and write, but they’re trying to do so over the internet and on a laptop that they aren’t used to navigating! Here are some tips on how to teach kids computer skills and the basics of digital citizenship!

Introducing kids to computers

Most adults remember where they learned to use computers, and from that point, they can remember what they did with it. For children, this is often a more fuzzy picture. However, through the educational technology world, there are programs available to help them develop some basic skills on their own. is a website that encourages kids to gain basic digital literacy while interacting with Math and Science lessons. is a website that teaches kids to use computer software for things like web design. The program is designed for kids as young as five, but it also offers several parent-guided programs that children can use with their parent’s supervision.

Offers several live coding courses using Minecraft Education Edition. Students play one of the most loved games while learning to build with code. Live teachers are there to walk students through the process.

Learning to code

You may not have a coding toy like LittleBits yet, but these fun gadgets are becoming very popular! Think of the toys your kids already play with, like cars or dolls, and you’ll understand how simple it is to get kids to learn how to code! Coding is important because it develops an understanding of how things work. Being aware of programming, or the way things operate can promote problem-solving skills.  

Our Programming with Minecraft course, for example, is a great game where students learn about events and event handlers, which are important concepts in computer science, and can be found in all programming languages. Engagement with our courses and games is an effective way for kids to learn how to code while having fun. Take some time to connect your little learner with coding! 

Digital citizenship

After talking to several parents, I have learned that while many kids may know how to use the internet, they don’t know how to keep safe online. The concept of digital citizenship helps create internet users who are responsible and realistic when using technology. Just as students learned responsibilities and expectations in the classroom that helped shape their social and cognitive development, understanding and engaging in digital citizenship will be beneficial to their daily lives as they navigate the internet. Our activities encourage students to develop and build their digital citizenship as they engage in virtual communication, collaboration, and internet navigation for learning, while respecting their peers.


As technology is constantly evolving, computer science is necessary to develop and drive the technological revolution. Technology is changing and replacing old practices with the development of new methods. As a parent, you must take charge of your children’s education. You must prepare your young learners for this technological shift and advancement. The most effective way to do this is by having them build their digital literacy. By teaching them the skills they’ll need to navigate the internet, and understanding their online rights, they can have the confidence to engage in innovative practices!

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