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Ensuring that your classes follow our unique content requirements 

EduMEE Schooling Inc. does not permit copying unique content or copyright violations. 

How we think about unique content at EduMEE Schooling Inc.

EduMEE Schooling Inc. does not permit copying unique writing including class titles, summaries, descriptions, or other written material on the class listing page but we do allow for multiple classes to cover the same content and use the same approach. 

By “unique writing”, we mean original, new or novel writing on the EduMEE Schooling Inc. platform. With “content and approach” we refer to the topic(s) and teaching methodology. In other words, this refers to “what is taught and how it is taught.” 

Here are selected examples to illustrate the definition above: 

Example 1: There is no “unique” content. “French for beginners” is a generic name and the summary is not new or novel. There is no policy violation. 

  • Class A: Title – French for Beginners. Summary – Learn the basics of French 
  • Class B: Title – French for Beginners. Summary – Learn how to speak French. 

Example 2: The title and description are very similar. The approach is novel, but the concept of teaching French via Minecraft is not protected. The title and description are not unique enough to be protected. There is no issue here. 

  • Class A: Title – Beginning French for Minecraft. Summary – Play Minecraft and learn a new language. 
  • Class B: Title – Beginning French for Minecraft. Summary – Learn a new language while playing games. 

Example 3: Title A is an exact copy of title B, and the writing is unique enough to deserve protection. We would unlist Class B, assuming that it was created after Class A. This violated our unique content policy. 

  • Class A: Title – Beginning French for Multiple Motivated Minecraft players. 
  • Class B: Title – Beginning French for Multiple Motivated Minecraft players. 

More information on copyright: It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use any text, images, or videos included in your class description or used while teaching a class. See here for additional guidance on copyright compliance and here for information on how we respond to copyright complaints. 

If you believe another teacher has violated this policy, contact with your complaint. You will need to provide us with your class listing, the class listing that you feel is using your wording or content, as well as a clear and compelling explanation of why you think this violates EduMEE Schooling Inc.’s policies. We will unlist classes that violate this policy. If a teacher violates this policy more than once, we may permanently remove the teacher from the platform. 

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