Teacher Profile Standards

Guidelines for a great teacher profile 

Your teacher profile introduces you to parents and students. It should use a professional tone. It will show up on your classes, and serves as your personal teacher page.  Having a great profile will give parents more confidence to sign up for your classes. 

Basic Info 

  • Name: Your name on EduMEE.com needs to be your full legal name. It should not include any details about your services or qualifications aside from standard suffixes like ‘PhD’, ‘MA’, or similar.
  • Expertise: A short phrase that describes you as a teacher, eg ‘High School Chemistry Teacher’ 
  • Photo: This should be a high-resolution picture of just you, and include a clear view of your face. This will be formatted and added by us and must be included before your profile is public.
  • About Instructor: A paragraph that describes your background, experience, and interests.  This should be 300 characters in length. This should be free of spelling or grammatical errors. 
  • Country: United States
  • Do not add your address, personal email, or phone number