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Upper School, Grades 6-12 

We are incorporating students in grades 6-8 into the Upper School. 

In most cases, the policies below are the same for all upper school students. However, we have more flexibility in assignment deadlines for students taking middle school level courses. The differences will be called out as you read through this section. 

Enrollment flexibility to meet the needs of students at all levels is one of the benefits at EduMEE. Many 8th grade students take advantage of the opportunity to begin high school classes while they are still enrolled in grade 8. In these cases, the pacing requirements for grades 9-12 apply to the high school courses taken, and these courses will appear on the student’s high school transcript. Through the upper school years, students are gradually expected to take on more responsibility for their learning and their success. Parents take on more of a support role and students should become more and more organized and independent in managing their workload and staying on pace. 

Role of the Student in Upper School 

Students are expected to be active, engaged, and committed. In the middle grades, students learn to follow a course calendar and complete assignments by their due dates. In the upper school courses, students still have flexibility regarding due dates but are not permitted to turn in teacher graded assignments past specific points within a semester. All students are encouraged to take a pro-active approach to their education, by reaching out to teachers. As a student moves through the grades at EduMEE, they will gain skills which will prepare them very well for college and future employment with a level of responsibility and ownership that will set the student apart from others. 

Role of the Parent in Upper School 

In the middle grades, the parent works closely with EduMEE instructional staff, non-instructional support staff, and the student, but is less involved in the daily instructional process for their student than they would be with a Lower School student. An important role of the parent for middle school students is to help their child effectively manage any shyness they might feel about reaching out to their teachers for help. By high school, students are expected to begin managing their own time and schedule more directly. However, even for high school students, parents play an important supportive role in helping the student stay on task and to help to ensure the student turns in assignments as they complete them. Remember that the Student Support Team can answer any questions about how best to motivate your student to succeed. 

Role of the Teacher in Upper School 

It is important that the parent remains involved to help students, but the Upper School teacher takes on a definite lead role in the instructional process. EduMEE teachers are experienced in every subject to support and provide guidance to students. 

Upper School students should be encouraged to make direct contact with the teacher for each of their courses with questions or for additional support. Please note – teachers will respond to any Teams messages, voicemails, and school e-mail within one school day on weekdays and non-holidays. Furthermore, all teacher-graded assignments will be graded, with feedback, within three to five business days, depending on the complexity of the assignment/project. 

Role of the Academic Mentor 

Full-time Upper School students are assigned an Academic Mentor (AM). You will set up a call upon completion of enrollment with your AM to discuss course placement and the next steps in your admissions process with tEduMEE.  The AM team hosts weekly sessions to assist students in building the skillsets that will guide them to being successful as an online learner. You will have regularly scheduled meetings with your AM to discuss your progress within your courses. 

Struggling students will also be invited to work directly with an Academic Mentor to develop a plan that will assist them in successfully completing their semester. Your Academic Mentor is your point of contact for all general questions. Subject-specific questions should be directed to your subject area teachers. 



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