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Programming with Minecraft


Students will learn about events and event handlers, which are important concepts in computer science.

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Students will learn about events and event handlers, which are important concepts in computer science.  Game/Play NGSS Online STEM courses Minecraft

Learning Objectives

  • In this lesson, we will learn about events and event handlers, which are important concepts in computer science and can be found in all programming languages. We will start with a fun unplugged activity that demonstrates cause and effect, and how events trigger actions in the real world. Next, we’ll get hands-on with MakeCode in Minecraft, and finally, we’ll challenge you to create your own MakeCode projects that use events to activate different parts of your program.

Guiding Ideas

Lesson 2 of Intro to CS with MakeCode

An “event” in computer science is an action or occurrence that is detected by a computer. For example, when someone clicks the button on their mouse, it generates a “mouse click event” for the computer. In real life, there are also events that may be associated with a following action, like Cause-and-Effect.

Student Activities

  • Unplugged Activity: Events and Handlers. Reinforce event-driven programming model by having students act out paired events and resulting actions.
  • Activity: Yellow Brick Road. Configure an event handler to cause something to happen when a player is walking.
  • Activity: Sing a Song of Sixpence. In this activity, students will take inspiration from this old English nursery rhyme to recreate this in Minecraft.
  • Activity: Last Stand. Use code to recreate the experience of being overrun by hordes of zombies to demonstrate the effect of exponential growth.
  • Independent Project. On their own, students choose one or more of the provided event handler blocks to trigger different actions or results.

Performance Expectations

For their independent projects, students should compose a diary entry addressing the following:

  • What kind of event and event handler did you decide to use?
  • What does your program do? Describe how your program works (what is the cause-and-effect)
  • Include at least one screenshot of your program working.


  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking


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