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Measuring Landforms


Create a unit of measurement and find the size of different landforms in Minecraft

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Create a unit of measurement and find the size of different landforms in Minecraft. Game/Play NGSS Minecraft  courses Project-Based STEM

Learning Objectives

Common Core Standards:

  • CCSS.Math.Content.3.MD.B.4 Generate measurement data by measuring lengths using rulers marked with halves and fourths of an inch. Show the data by making a line plot, where the horizontal scale is marked off in appropriate units—whole numbers, halves, or quarters.

Guiding Ideas

  • Brainstorm any thoughts and observations about how to measure landforms in Minecraft. Use the students’ brainstorm comments to get them to understand the idea of using unit measurements to measure things. Once the students have made a connection of regrouping between rounding between place values unveil the Big Idea.

Unit measurements were invented to measure things.

Student Activities

Find three landforms and measure them. Have students generate a list of all kinds of unit measurements, i.e., inches, feet, gallons, kilometers ,etc. This is to get students to realize that someone just like them created these measurements and today they will create one in Minecraft.

The students will then name their measurement and define how many blocks long it is.

Next they will go into the Minecraft World and measure at least three landforms. Note: students should make up a new unit measurement for each landform.

Peer Conversation

Find a peer’s work and convert their measurement to your measurement.

3 ⅖ coffees = 4 ¼ quadblocks


1. What are some patterns you see in equivalent fractions?

2. What are the advantages of larger unit measurements and what are the advantages of small unit measurements?

3. What are the pros and cons of rounding your measurement?

Performance Expectations

Depth of Knowledge 4

The student did all of the following:

1. The student was able to generate measurements of landforms. (3.MD.B.4)

2. The student was able to round numbers to the nearest whole numbers. (3.NFA.1)

3. The student was able to find equivalent fractions on their measurements. (3.NFA.3b), (3.MD.B.4)

4. The student was able to create and explain their own unit of measurement. (3.MD.B.4)

5. The student was able to analyze the work of others and convert their measurement to their own. (3.NFA.3b), (3.MD.B.4)

6. The student was able to explain the pros and cons of rounding and different sizes of measurements. (3.NFA.1)

Depth of Knowledge 3

The student did five out of six listed above

Depth of Knowledge 2

The student did three out of six listed above

Depth of Knowledge 1

The student did two out of six listed above


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

External References

Related Engage NY Module link.

Walkthrough Video

Tutorial video for teachers and students.

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