Online Learning With Kids: 5 Tips For Parents Who Make It Work

Online Learning With Kids: 5 Tips For Parents Who Make It Work - EduMEE


Online Learning With Kids: 5 Tips For Parents Who Make It Work

Life is unpredictable, and people are busy. Sometimes, working parents need to take on a job while their children are in school. Sometimes, people are more than willing to work as a nanny or tutor to help other parents out. To help make life a little easier for these kinds of parents, I’ve come up with five tips for making it work for online learning with kids!

Find a Good Nanny

When I say good, I mean someone who’s reliable,  trustworthy, and takes good care of your child. As parents, you should be involved in all the interactions your child has with a nanny. Find someone who can fill in as a babysitter for you if you’re going to be gone for a few hours to give you a little break. If you want to be totally hands-off, it’s ok! Find a good nanny who is happy to play with your child in exchange for a few hours of your time. 

Be Consistent

Learning does not happen by itself. It takes a lot of work to nurture it. As a parent, you have to take the time to meet with your child’s teacher. You have to follow up with the teacher on a regular basis to see how your child is doing and what her learning goals are. The same can be said for online learning with kids, as well. You need to stay involved. Just like a regular class, your child needs you to keep track of the assignments and make sure she’s doing her best on the test. It’s important for kids to see you are a committed student who is invested in their progress. They need to see that you are invested in the process.

Stay grounded

Join an online parent group or a homeschool group. Learn something from everyone Parents are drawn to each other because they have shared experiences, the same emotions, and a common desire to do the best for their kids. That shared experience might mean childcare, reading to your children, or trying to teach them a new language. On an even deeper level, the parents you meet online can teach you things about yourself, your own parenting strategies, your children, and your strengths and weaknesses. When you give yourself permission to learn from others, you can help your family grow and reach new heights!

Stay in the loop

It’s never easy sending your kid off to school. But you don’t want to make it worse by completely disconnecting from their education. Whether it’s meeting their teacher for the first time, finding out about homework, or reading a student’s latest assignment, you need to stay in the loop. Try using apps that the teacher recommends for checking in.  Communication is key when you are juggling both work and your child’s online education. 

Make the schedule work for your family

If your children still have school work to do when you come home from work that is ok. Talk to your child’s teacher and see if they can work in the evenings and weekends instead of normal hours. See if They can work 4 days instead of 5 or fewer hours over more days. 

If you have a flexible schedule, use it to your advantage. Teake a moment in your day to supervise school work,  Go to an activity or field trip together, Make dinner together or Offer to take your kids to a play or movie. Some school programs count this family time as learning time, so check with them and see.  Just remember to include quality time together.


Parents who work, can and do homeschool their children. You have to work out what is best for your family and be flexible and organized. If you are able to get a nanny or tutor all the better. I hope this article, Online Learning With Kids: 5 Tips For Parents Who Make It Work may help these types of parents work a little bit more easily.


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