How To Really Learn: 10 Simple Steps To Authentic Learning

How To Really Learn: 10 Simple Steps To Authentic Learning - EdUMEE

How To Really Learn: 10 Simple Steps To Authentic Learning

Learning has become a commodity. It’s pushed on us by the business world and it’s even pushed on us by the educational system. But learning isn’t something that you do because you’re told to do it, it’s something that you do because you want to. True learning is a personal process. It’s something that you do in order to learn things you want to know. And that’s the way you start your authentic learning. I want to outline 10 simple steps that people can follow to better understand their own learning process so that they can start to make more authentic learning a part of their daily life.

  • Make Learning Relevant
    The activities students participate in are applicable to the world in which students live.
  • Make learning more complex
    Layer activities so that students need to complete a number of steps to reach the end goal, and so it will take time.
  • Make Learning Flexible
    These real-world problems should be open ended. Offer guiding questions to help students define the solution for the task they are facing and work through those tasks.
  • Learning should be Collaborative
    Authentic learning environments encourage and allow a high level of collaboration
  • Offer a variety of perspectives and resources
    An important resource in an authentic learning environment is technology. The use of and implementation of technology and other resources adds to, rather than distracts from, that environment.
  • Authentic learning needs Reflection
    Students will need to sharpen intrapersonal skills and reflect on all they collaborate on.
  • Trans-disciplinary Learning
    Because real-world problems are rarely limited to one topic or subject matter, it’s important to encourage cross-curricular cooperation. Content and ideas from several disciplines are integrated into an authentic learning environment.
  • Integrate your Assessments
    Assessment activities should be a part of the classroom activities and not separate.
  • Learning should create a product
    The end products of these learning experiences are valuable in their own right.
  • Involve Competition
    Competition is a big part of life. An authentic learning environment fosters a healthy competition of solutions and outcomes. This level of competition allows for creative thinking and problem solving, while also challenging students. EduMEE offers authentic learning experiences using Minecraft and Next Generation Standards. We also offer Project-Based Learning Methods that will engage your learner. You can schedule a course today with a certified teacher.

You do not have to incorporate every characteristic listed here in every lesson. This article, How To Really Learn: 10 Simple Steps To Authentic Learning is just an outline of some of the most effective strategies when creating authentic learning environments. What are some ideas you have or have come across concerning authentic learning? How have you implemented authentic learning in your online classroom?

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