How To Keep Kids From Falling Behind During Remote Learning

How To Keep Kids From Falling Behind During Remote Learning - EduMEE

How To Keep Kids From Falling Behind During Remote Learning

Remote learning means your child can study from anywhere. And that’s a great thing. But it also means their education is different from what most kids get. So how do you keep your kids from falling behind in remote learning? 

What are the benefits of remote learning?

When you invest your child’s learning time in a fun, interactive course, they will learn more. They will be less stressed.  And their concentration will improve as they learn more.

There is a more flexible schedule for yourself and your child. Parents can choose the hours and days that their children will meet with a class, or take a course. 

The kids who do best in remote learning classes are kids who are naturally kind and patient. They can easily be around other kids who need extra help. And they get so much joy from teaching those kids. That’s not to say it’s not hard. 

What are the challenges?

Teachers are able to be role models when they are teaching face to face with children all day for many months. Online learning does not lend to a teacher having as great an influence on the student’s lives. However, with much thought and creativity, teachers can find meaningful and authentic ways to touch the lives of students and families while conducting online classes. It may take a little more effort to reach out in new ways, but it is not impossible.

Students might not have the same emotional connection as they would if they were in the classroom. This can be remedied by joining clubs, and social groups offered by your online school. 

How do you keep kids from falling behind?

Flexibility Is Everything One of the challenges with remote learning is that it isn’t really possible to track whether or not your kids are practicing what they learn. If they’re sitting in a virtual classroom with instructors, your kid’s motivation to learn will also be pretty low. They don’t get the personal interaction that makes you feel excited about learning.

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