Gaming And Education: A Powerful Combination

Gaming And Education: A Powerful Combination - EduMEE

Gaming And Education: A Powerful Combination

I’ve been playing video games since I was 4. I grew up with gaming. I’ve been designing games for the last few years. And I know that games can help kids learn. That’s Why I want to convince you, as a parent, to let your kid play more video games. Here’s why.

Why Let Your Kid Play More Video Games?

First, it can be a healthy, fun activity for kids. Yes, there are some studies that show playing video games is harmful to kids. But the many studies also show that we should let our kids learn from video games. And for that, I can’t disagree.

Here are some examples from the

American Psychological Association ,

Another from the APA

And EdSurge

If we do allow kids to play video games, we realize that those games can be tools for learning. It turns out that learning games are fun. And when kids are having fun, they’re more motivated to learn. In fact, research shows that when kids play learning games, it can actually enhance their performance on tests.

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Games help kids learn

Let’s start with the basics. Video games involve interacting with the computer and interacting with other people. That’s exactly the same process that many of us use every day, like reading, writing, and arithmetic. And that makes games particularly powerful tools for helping kids learn. When you think about it, there’s a lot of benefits.

Just look at Minecraft, for instance. Minecraft teaches:

  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Curiosity
  • Maths
  • Managing resources
  • Teamwork
  • History
  • Confidence building
  • Coding
  • Using your imagination
  • And future work skills

Check out these standard-based lessons using Minecraft: Game/Play Minecraft Project-Based courses NGSS Online

Games can help kids with disabilities

Because of their difficulty to control their thoughts, kids with ADHD require constant mental stimulation to perform at their best. This is why video games are a natural fit for them. The core concept behind video games is getting kids to solve problems. And lots of problems can be solved through games. Kids with ADHD are still learning how to learn. They don’t think about rules and principles until later in their education. Games can give them the opportunity to hone their problem-solving skills earlier in their education. Kids with ADHD are naturally good at game design. They’re good at coming up with ideas and building them out into something compelling. Games can teach them to program, implement, and test their ideas. Teachers with kids with ADHD will benefit from games, too.

Teenagers and young adults with autism often demonstrate positive psychosocial benefits, such as increased empathy and improved social skills when engaged in video gameplay.  Video games seem to be a useful way to stimulate some kind of communication.

for more information on video games and Autism check out this article here  and here


Given that we live in a technologically advanced world, there are many educational games out there. And that means that a lot of parents have children that love playing video games. All they need is the right access to play. If you are one of these parents, here are two things you need to consider: Should your child be playing games right now? Do you think that the accessibility of games is good for them? In conclusion, I want you to look at my three points and decide for yourself if you think that video games are good or bad for your child. As a gamer, I’ve enjoyed my gaming experience and the learning lessons that games provided me. As a father, I have decided that my child deserves that same experience. Hopefully, you can read this article, Gaming And Education: A Powerful Combination and come to the same conclusion. 

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