6 Habits That Should Stay in the Classroom

6 Habits That Should Stay in the Classroom - EduMEE

6 Habits That Should Stay in the Classroom

It’s the end of the school year. Celebrate the accomplishments of the year with these six habits that should stay in the classroom.

#1: Always have fun

#2: Take care of yourself

#3: Be kind

#4: Be open-minded

#5: Be passionate about your work

#6: Be curious

#1 Habit in the Classroom: Always have Fun

We’re teachers, first and foremost. We have to get our work done, but there’s no reason for us to have to walk around miserable all day. We need to have fun!

Give your students room to explore. Let them have fun while they learn. We shouldn’t have to punish ourselves to enjoy learning.

#2 Take Care of Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-care every once in a while. Take a few minutes each day to work out. Go see a movie. Take a walk. Go out to eat. Take your dog for a walk or go for a run. Even better, just do something you enjoy with your friends and family. I personally have adopted a few “self-care” habits, like:

  • exercising to keep my mind from getting too cloudy or too heavy. When your mind is off, your body can become stressed.
  • Take some time to unwind and destress. Try relaxation techniques. Remember, teachers put in a lot of work and time to prepare for students, but students make the learning experience a whole lot easier.
  • Eat healthy and workout. This will help your brain function better.
  • Exercise releases endorphins and improves your mood. Go with your gut and trust yourself. Yoga, meditating, and deep breathing can help. 

#3 Be Kind

Whenever I look around the school, I see so many students and faculty,  who are mean to each other.

  • As a teacher, strive to be kind to your colleagues, families, and students. 
  • Encourage random acts of kindness. 
  • As a class, go to the dictionary, look up what kindness means, and practice that.
  • Talk to your students about why the Golden Rule is important, and don’t just say, “It’s important because…” Instead, let your students figure out what that means for themselves.

You’ll be amazed at what they come up with as to why we should practice “treating others the way we want to be treated”.

#4 Be Open-Minded

It is easy for schools to become heavy and formulaic, but this is a mistake. Humanize the process.

  • Listen to your students
  • Share stories,
  • Show emotions
  • Take risks, be vulnerable.

If your students see you are open, it’s a safe bet that they will be too. 

#5 Be Passionate About your Work

Teach your class about a topic you are passionate about! This will set you apart.

Passion is a source of inspiration for everyone.  Be proud of your passion! Showcase your fun classroom style. Show how you celebrate learning. When you have passion for your job and the work you do, your colleagues will want to learn from you too.

#6 Be Curious

A curiosity for learning new information about your profession or your field is a necessary ingredient for success.

The more you learn, the more you want to learn. Be an example by learning new skills and invest time in learning something new on a regular basis. 

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